Friday, July 21, 2017

How I DID go to ComicCon Stuttgart 2017

Well, this is the second part of my travelogue from the ComicCon Stuttgart 2017 which I started in my last post.

The downside was that I missed out on everything that happened on the first day of the con ( so if you were expecting any saucy stories from that day I have to disappoint you ) but the upside was that I did get enough sleep to be relatively fit for Sunday. With almost everything I would need at the con packed ( I added a bottle of water and two packs of potato chips as emergency provisions and a clean FLASH t - shirt to change if I really got the chance to meet Yaya Han in person ) I was really stocked and I even had enough time to take a long shower before I left the house. At this point I thought I had figured out the time it takes to get to the convention center pretty exact but as it turned out I arrived at least half an hour later than anticipated. Which in hindsight validated my decision from the day before not to go to the con. I would have arrived so late.

Since it had been a year that I went to the last ComicCon Stuttgart I was not exactly sure at which station I had to get off but at a certain point I just followed the mass of people in costumes. Now I know that a lot of my comments about cosplayers might come across as sexist especially where female cosplayers are involved ( with apologies to Yaya Han and Jessica Nigri, I know I´m just an old pervert ) but let me tell you that I´m thankful for every person - man or woman but especially all of the women because they often have to face body shaming which sadly still is a thing despite the social justice warriors - that dresses up as a comic character for a con. Or just for the fun of it. The kids of Today who grew up with cosplay as a way of comic fans or pop culture fans to express themselves that gets a lot of attention from social and other media can´t really appreciate how much more colorful life is for comic book afficionados with those people out there. So let me tell you that for people of my generation it was a big deal to have even one person dress up as Spider - Man or Catwoman at a booth in Erlangen or the Salon del Comic Barcelona ( with some costumes that were not nearly as good as what today´s cosplayers produce on a daily basis ) and I have the picture of my overweight self in a FLASH t - shirt next to an obviously very disillusioned Wonder Woman to prove it.

Which is why I say to everyone out there who considers himself to be a comic book fan and complains about too many cosplayers at conventions because they are not real comic fans to shut up. First off, they have no idea how dull conventions are without them and everybody who uses the phrase keeping it real needs to be hosed down. Second they may not be a comic fan but they are a fan of the character they dress up and while the comic books are the original source material they have to be aware that these characters are out there in other forms of multi media. And I don´t want to say these versions are more valid but more people know the Teen Titans or the various members of the Justice League from the cartoons - as horrible as some of them may be - than from the comics. I mean, how many people got into reading comics from the famous Power Records or watching the Super Friends ? You can´t tell me that´s not a legitimate gateway for new readers. And lastly how many people do you know who have actually read a James Bond novel by Bond creator Ian Fleming ?

Okay, back to ComicCon Stuttgart 2017, the way from the subway station was not as long as I remembered but that was probably because the last time I was barely able to crawl at a snail´s speed. I´m getting ahead of myself but when I was at Geier´s table he told me that he didn´t think I would make it out of the con alive last year because I looked like death warmed over. You and me both. But that´s what you do to get to a con.

The temperature outside the convention center was a bit cold but not unpleasant, especially since the last days it had been too hot and it was hotter at the con anyway. Now some people complained last year that all the comic book stuff was just in one hall but I was glad that I didn´t have to walk more. Not that it was small, you could fit a few football fields into this hall, but to have it all in one place is not a bad thing. Last year it was even worse since there were almost no places where you could sit down and take a break which cut off my stay prematurely. This year there were much more possibilities for sitting but there´s still room for improvement.

And speaking of improvement, this year all the panels were free which was one less hurdle for me since I planned to go to Yaya´s Q & A panel. And the panels should be free if you have an entry fee of 25 Euros per day. Which some people have also complained about. They say that the con is too expensive and that there are no a - list celebrities. Okay, first off the ticket price of 25 Euros is the organiser´s way to make sure the people who attend are really into comics or science fiction stuff or pop culture related things. Because if you make the tickets too cheap there will be lots of people who are not really into this stuff and only come to make fun of the so - called geeks. We all know this from the movies where now everybody and their dog go to comic book movies and you can´t watch the movie and enjoy it because of the constant talking and cell phoning and texting of these teenages who apparently either didn´t have to pay for the movie ticket or have too much spending money to begin with.

I´m not sure if I would go as far as Millus and proclaim that the ComicCon Stuttgart is the best of all conventions - since I haven´t been to any in America - but I think it´s a good show to find out if you are ready to go to one of the big cons abroad. Because let´s face it, if you think 25 Euros for a day ticket is too much and you are not willing to pay between 15 and 60 Euros to have your picture taken with a celebrity you should probably not even think about the big ones because there the prices are much higher.

And for those who said that there were no a - list celebrities at the con I have to ask whom they would consider as such. I mean, okay, some of the cast from Marvel´s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. did cancel but they refunded if people had payed for a photo op in advance and there were still a lot of well known actors there. I mean my top celebrity was Yaya Han but aside from that there was Kevin Sorbo who starred in Hercules : The Legendary Journeys, Andromeda and the movie adaption of Kull, the Conqueror even if that was not a good film. I guess a lot of people were not aware that he also played Mon - El´s father King Lar Gand of Daxam on Supergirl because german tv hadn´t caught up to that point at that moment. They are probably wishing right now they had payed more attention to him.






Wednesday, July 12, 2017

How I didn´t go to ComicCon Stuttgart 2017

Today I actually woke up pretty early so after taking a shower I thought I had a few hours to work on a new post before I have to go to the course at the Karlshöhe. And instead of doing a quick art - centric post or one of the many birthday related posts I missed I thought I should start with my experiences at the ComicCon Stuttgart 2017 - which took place on the 1st and 2nd of July - as long as it´s ( relatively ) fresh in my memory. Right ?

I mean, it has been some time so I don´t know if anybody still cares but these travellogue posts seem to be pretty popular with my readers so I decided to give it a go. There is also the benefit that I have actually read all the comic books I bought at the con ( not that there were that many ) and prepared all the picture material I will need for the post ( or at least the pictures I know firsthand I will need, there are always some I have to add after writing the post ) and bookmarked all the necessary links. But as usual fate had other plans for me and for everybody who is looking for the animated GIF of Yaya Han as TEKKEN´s Eliza we will get to all that later on.

And as those who read my last post can guess I can´t avoid the topic of Yaya Han althogether in this post since her attendance of the con was one of the main reasons I decided to visit the ComiCon Stuttgart in the end.

As I have only a few minutes left before I have to leave the house I should probably first go through the birthdays that I missed since my last post but which I covered in previous years for those who were not reading the blog back then or who want to go back and revisit those posts. There are many more I could not fit into this but I don´t have the time to go through all the days on imdb. If somebody who you think is important is not on the list there is always the hope that I can cover it at a later day or next year.

First up is the great late Mike Wieringo whom I should have mentioned in my last post but whom I somehow forgot. Dan Jurgens and Butch Guice had to share a post last year because they share a birthday and worked on the Superman books following the John Byrne re - vamp around the DEATH OF SUPERMAN era which was when I was still reading all the super - titles so you can expect a post about that topic in one way or the other soon.

I have not done a specific birthday post about Christopher Priest but back in May´s post on Sal Velluto´s tenure on his magnificent BLACK PANTHER run I did link to an older post where I wax philosophic about that series.

Coming back to the Superman re - vamp, John Byrne as befits his status as one of my all time favorite comic creators got two posts last year ( plus I mentioned him in a plethora of other posts which you can access through the tag ), one about his work at Marvel and one about anything else and again apropos the Man of Steel, Lindsay Lohan got a solo post with her entry as Supergirl in my CASTING THE JUSTICE LEAGUE OF AMERICA MOVIE series. Speaking of megahot sexbombs, last but not least Russ Meyer cult siren the late Tura Satana got a repost ( with a link to the original post ).

And with that finished it´s time to get back to the meat and potatoes of the post and focus our attention back on the ComicCon Stuttgart 2017.

Now as usual I started with the preparations rather late - I decided to go on Thursday so I had time to loot my account on Friday - so there was not a lot of time for anything fancy. After the course had finished on Friday the first thing I did when I got home ( well, probably the third thing since I had to change my clothes and eat something before that ) was go on the official page of the con to find out what Yaya´s schedule was. She was the top priority on my " to do " list and everything else came in second place.

But there was not much information to be found on the website apart from some general info about her. This was one instance where I was glad that social media exist because I found her schedule on her tumblr page. Yaya´s table was at the Cosplay Kingdom area in hall 1 ( which also was the hall with the comic book people ), on Saturday there would be a photo opportunity at 13.00 hours and at 17.00 hours a cosplay contest would be held in the atrium which Yaya would host. Then on Sunday there´d be a second photo opportunity at 11.30 and a Q & A panel from 12.30 to 13.40.

The next thing on my agenda was to get a copy of Geier´s DOCTOR WER comic but since there were no particular signing hours there was nothing to prepare here. Okay, with the two most important things taken care of the next thing I did was to go over the list of artists to see if any of them was at the PANINI booth which would mean planning in the time to stand in line and then participate in the usual olympic decathlon to get a chance to throw the dice to see if you get something signed or even a sketch. The only name that was of any interest was Eddy Barrows but to tell the truth if I had to decide between standing in line for a slim chance to get an Eddy Barrows sketch and going to a panel where I could see Yaya Han in person that would be a quick choice. Especially if you keep in mind that I can sit down at the panel which is always a plus for handicapped people.

After that I gave the list of movie people a quick glance but there was nobody who ranked that high enough on my priority list to trump Yaya Han so I would see whom I could catch around my planned schedule. Especially after a lot of the actors from Marvel´s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. cancelled which threw a monkey wrench into quite a number of attendees´ plans.

It was time to pack for the con and since I don´t have a lot of fancy bags I decided to use the battered shoulder bag I use every day. Which meant that I did not have to spend time to look for another bag but that I would have to tidy it up. In the back pocket there were a lot of papers which I needed for the course of the jobcenter so I just took it all out and put it in a paper bag so I could put it all back on Monday. Into that pocket I put the schedule of Yaya Han I had written down and the big sketchbook. You never know when you get the chance for a free sketch ( or one that you have to pay for ) and at a con carrying at least one sketchbook is a must.

Now the middle pocket - which is the largest one - was more work. Since it contained all the stuff you need when traveling in Germany like gloves, a wool cap, an umbrella, band - aids, plastic bags, an mp3 player etc I could not eliminate much of that. But I took out all the crumbled receipts that had accumulated over the last year and put them in the usual safe place.

In the front pocket there was more travel stuff like batteries and things I might need at the con like colored markers or a brand new unused brush pen ( which I later lent to my brother who also didn´t need it in the end ) so I just added the small sketchbook. My brother wanted me to carry a camera so I could take some pictures at the con - because I have a blog. And everyone who has a blog and goes to a con has to take pictures so he can post them on his blog. I´m not sure if my brother has read any of my other convention posts. But I am not the type of rampant reporter with the up to the minute latest news plus my mobility has been severely reduced by my health problems. So even if I wanted to do that I can´t.

I mean, even before that I seldom carried a camera to cons because you can find a lot of pictures online and a lot of them are better than what I shoot. And as unbelievable as it may sound I don´t like to put pictures of myself and certain comic book creators, famous people or hot cosplayers on the blog. I prefer to write about meeting such people and for me the experience of it is more important and maybe a reminder like a signed comic, a picture or a sketch. Does that make me a weird person because I don´t want to put myself out that much and keep some things private ? Well, as private as one can be after writing this blog for over a decade.

Alas, here I thought I had everything covered but then I made an error of biblical proportions because I somehow got the crazy idea that I should finish my last post on the blog since I would not have the chance to do that during the weekend. Which on the surface looks like a good idea but really, what does it matter if somebody reads the latest post and it´s not finished as long as I get to the con as planned ? Also I should have known that it would take me until the wee hours of the morning to finally wrap it up. And with my current constitution I had to get at least eight hours of rest if I wanted to do anything afterwards. So when I awoke on Saturday it was already half past two in the afternoon. Which meant that factoring one hour to get up, shower an get dressed plus the time it takes to get from Neckarweihingen to the convention center at the Stuttgart airport ( and keeping in mind that buses and subways don´t circulate as often on the weekends ) I would probably arrive shortly before five o´clock in the evening. With a lot of luck. Which meant that with bad luck I could arrive AFTER five o´clock so I would not even be able to buy a ticket for the last hour of the con after making the trek all the way from Neckarwyoming.

Faced with these odds I decided to stay at home on Saturday since I didn´t want to use the photo ops with Yaya Han anyway and I was more interested in the Q & A panel than to see her host the cosplay contest.

This also resolved the question if I should go on both days and if I only went on one day which one I should pick. Not to mention that my money would last longer if I only went one day. Still I was a bit bummed out after all the preparations and spent most of the remaining day cleaning up the laptop since there is always a lot of stuff that accumulates writing posts.

Speaking of writing posts, here is where I have to cut off the first part and continue this in my next post with what did happen when I finally went to the con. My original plan was to first write the entire journal of my travel and then see if I have to break it up into different parts and if it´s necessary into how many parts. But I started this post over a week ago and so far I have not found the time to continue so that does not seem to be happening. Instead I´m finishing this part and we´ll see when we can wrap up part two. One downside that I haven´t mentioned yet was that I didn´t get to see Yaya Han in her new Mulan costume although to tell you the truth I would have probably creamed my pants or done something similarly embarrassing. It´s been a while since I watched Disney´s MULAN but I don´t remember her wearing such a hot outfit.   

And speaking of Yaya Han, before we come to the usual assortment of links, celebrity trivia and randomly selected videos by yours truly I should probably explain what my cryptic comment about the animated GIF of Yaya Han as Eliza from TEKKEN at the beginning of the post was referring to.

Those who saw the post when I started it may remember that the GIF below was one of the first things I posted. Now the story behind it is that somebody had sent me a link in the comments ( yes, from time to time there are people who remember to comment ) to a tumblr page with a video of Yaya at Chokaigi since he didn´t know how to find the original video that was uploaded or how to make a GIF of it. The problem was that the page was NSFW so I had to delete the comment. I have mentioned it a few times but I am still trying to keep this blog accessible to the general public so please, if you want to send me a link and you are not sure if it would be safe to share it openly on the blog you can sent it to me via e - mail. That´s why my e - mail address is in my profile. Well, that and the fact that I still haven´t given up on some day receiving review copies.

Anyway, while I could not share the tumblr location on the blog I still wanted to share the Yaya Han video with my readers. I know some people are probably already fed up with me gushing endlessly about her but there are enough that I know of who are always clamoring for more Yaya Han content in any way, form and shape. And speaking about shape, boy Yaya does look incredibly horny as Eliza. Which is my play on words for the day.

But I still wanted to share the complete video with my readers so the first thing I tried was to embed it - and some readers may have seen that I did just that - but I had to take it off because not matter how hard I tried I couldn´t do it without also including a link to the NSFW tumblr page. Okay, my second plan was to find the original video and somehow work that into the page. I am no expert on tumblr pages but I managed to do that ( and for info on how to accomplish that just read my comment in the last post ) and made an animated GIF from the video with imgflip which is the GIF making program I use at the moment. I don´t know if it´s the best free GIF - making program out there but it does what I need and it´s not as if I had the time to look for another program. So I was a bit hesitant to make the GIF directly from the video because the quality is not as good if you download each frame and make the GIF from that but it´s much quicker. And if I want to go the frame by frame route I can still do that later on.

Now when I made the GIF I was very surprised about the size because you usually can´t make GIFs bigger than 360 pixels but somehow with this GIF the size is 640 pixels. Maybe that responds to the original video size but I could not get the same size with the downloaded frames ( I only did a handfull so I could try it out ) so I posted the GIF I made directly from the video. And since it´s just a small sampling of Yaya Han´s ample jumbo apples here is the link to the video of her as Eliza and as a bonus another link to a video of Yaya Han as Junko Enoshima from the Danganronpa video game franchise ( I had to look that part up but apparently the series includes various anime, manga, mobile game and light novel spin - offs ).

Since I will be posting all the links about the ComicCon Stuttgart in my next post when I have already squeezed out all the necessary information we can skip right to the birthdays and Michelle Rodriguez who turns 39.

Doing these sections always reminds me of things and I totally forgot that she was on Lost which might have something to do with the fact that nobody understands the finale and I tried to forget the show. Michelle has also made appearances in Avatar, S.W.A.T., the Resident Evil movies, the Machete movies but she´s best known as Letty from Fast And Furious.

Vin Diesel played Dominic Toretto who recognized Letty as a fellow car fanatic and took her under his wing when she was ten and they started screwing cars together. When Letty turned sixteen however she boobed out and when Dom got an eyeful of her big double airbags he started screwing Letty all night long. Judging from the steamy sex scenes in the movie I´m sure Vin stayed in character when they were off camera.

Michelle Rodriguez almost turned away from one of the biggest movie franchises ever but like in comics there is always a way to bring dead characters back. After Paul Walker´s tragic death the sexy latina suffered a mental breakdown which turned her into a nymphomaniac going on a sex binge during which she deflowered an underage Justin Bieber. But now she´s back on track and you can bet old Dom has things well in hand.

Coming back to the Machete movies, in the first one Michelle played alongside Lindsay Lohan ( I already mentioned her at the beginning of the post ) who had one of her few good onscreen appearances after she ruined her status of worldwide sex fantasy back when she had real boobs.

And we stay on track with a big rack ( okay, that was a bad pun ) as Lisa Nicole Carson is one of the women where her 40DD´s enter a room long before she does. The tomato with the titanic twin torpedoes celebrates her 48th birthday and she was two of the reasons why I managed to suffer through Ally McBeal. Sometimes I do not like reading the wikipedia entries because then you find out a lot of depressing stuff you really don´t want to know and I was surprised to learn that an absolute stunner like Lisa suffers from bipolar disorder. Anyway, I hope she can really revitalize her acting career like she planned to because I can´t wait to see more of her. 

Speaking of hot tv MILFs not a lot of people have heard the name of Cheryl Jean Stoppelmoor but everybody knows sexy Cheryl Ladd who turns 66.

The blonde sexbomb of english and german descent was one of the later additions to Charlie´s Angels and I bet only a few people know that she was the singing voice of Melody Valentine in Josie and the Pussycats by Hanna Barbera. The 1970 cartoon was based on the Archie comic book.

The series was even adapted into a live action feature film back in 2001 starring Rosario Dawson, Rachael Leigh Cook and Tara Reid. Coming back to Cheryl Ladd she looks amazing for her age and still rocks a whopping 35C.

Staying with cult tv shows Bill Cosby celebrates his 80th anniversary and like Letty in the Fast and Furious movies Keisha Knight Pulliam, our little Rudy Huxtable has grown up in all the right places. Now is it just me or is every countries version of Splash better than the one from Germany ?

From what I have seen from France, Spain and America it´s just one long parade of hot celebrity sexbombs in bikinis who get wet while in Germany most female contestants are eliminated after the first two episodes. I´m not entirely sure but I would wager they don´t understand the purpose of the program. I mean how can you even think it´s fair to have the bottom contenders in a swimming contest to decide who stays ? Of course the men will win and this way you can guarantee there are no women left.




What best defines a child is the total inability to receive information from anything not plugged in.

Sunday, June 25, 2017

Schwarz Weiß Sunday in honor of Alex Toth

Since he only got half a post last year ( and I have nothing important to add about Peyo ) here is another selection of black and white art - with the corresponding color pages in some cases - of the great Alex Toth.

It really seems that I´m only able to post on the weekends nowadays so there are birthdays since my last post I missed but already covered last year which thankfully are only two : Sonya Kraus and Mike Wieringo

Now usually I try to stick to the " 23 pictures per post " rule ( that´s not counting the intro, the link section and the pop culture addendum, of course ) but during my research for this post I came across some cover homages for Alex Toth´s Super Friends cover. I know that these kind of stuff is always popular with the readers ( and also one of my favorite subjects ) and since they are not enough to warrant their own spin - off post ( for which I am thankful since I still have to finish up a few old posts like the Yaya Han spin - off post from the Janet Jackson spin - off post from the Janet Jackson birthday post etc. ) I am including them here.

As always we have some wibbly - wobbly timey - wimey confusion with the links since I am posting the main stuff for this post on Sunday but it is actually Friday night when I can finally finish the post - mainly because it is the first day of the Comic Con Stuttgart Tomorrow. And against my better judgement I have decided to go which will put a considerable strain on my finances not to mention my health but those are the sacrifices I make for the chance to see Yaya Han in person. I don´t know if I can see her host the cosplay contest or at her panel ( last year I missed her and only found out she had attended the con afterwards ) because I don´t know what other events will take place, when I will arrive there, how long my health allows me to stay or even if I can find it in time. I don´t think I´ll use the photo opportunities either because while it would be a thrill to meet her ( as long as I don´t get tongue - tied or come across like a total creep ) I do know how I look on photos - and in real life - and I don´t need a reminder. But I definitely will try to find her table because I have tried to get a hold of one of her calendars and so far I couldn´t even find them on amazon.

Coming back to wrapping up the post, there is the usual assortment of websites to give thanks to or links I want to mention and we start with THE ALEX TOTH ARCHIVES where you can find the complete issue of Limited Collector´s Edition C41 with the Super Friends as well as Alex Toth´s contribution to Walt Disney´s Zorro for Dell Comics. The black and white page with Black Canary is courtesy of Dan Greenfield´s post on 13TH DIMENSION that presents thirteen of his favorite Alex Toth covers, the Black Hood page was provided by PENCIL INK , the black and white page from The Hacker´s Last Stand is from James Romberger´s article titled Cursing the Darkness : The Last Horror´s of Alex Toth on THE HOODED UTILITARIAN and the opening splash from The Vanguard was found on the RAGGED CLAWS NETWORK which has a lot of Alex Toth stories to peruse.

Speaking of stories drawn by Alex Toth, our always reliable pal Old Groove at DIVERSIONS OF THE GROOVY KIND has an unnamed The Question story ( although the title may be The Question Strikes ! ) by Roger Stern, Michael Uslan and Alex Toth that appeared in the fanzine Charlton Bullseye 5 and last but not least Rey Armenteros on THROUGH CONCENTRATED BREATH has a post on Bravo For Adventure. Thanks and kudos to all these guys.

There are a few other birthdays to mention Today like the bodacious Linda Cardellini who turns 42. She´s been on 3rd Rock From The Sun, Clueless and Good Burger but while today´s audience knows her from ER, New Girl, Mad Men ( another reason why I should get a move on and start watching that show ) and Bloodline I first became aware of luscious Linda when I saw her as the sexiest Velma this side of a Zimmerman drawing in the first two Scooby Doo movies. Now I may be biased because of all the Zimmerman drawings of Velma but for me it has always been one of great mysteries in life why she was the ugly duckling in the cartoons when she clearly had more going on for her. I mean if you like skinny girls that have more beauty than brains then Daphne is definitely the girl for you. Velma on the other side has smarts, real curves and you bet she hides some big torpedoes under her sweater that are at least DDs. If I had to choose I would go on a date with Velma Dinkley especially if she looks like Linda.

Besides reprising her role of Velma on Scooby Doo ! Mystery Incorporated, Robot Chicken and Scooby Doo video games she lent her voice to cartoon shows like Regular Show, Gravity Falls and Sanjay and Craig and played Hawkeye´s wife on Avengers : Age Of Ultron. Usually her birthday would be a good excuse to put some videos of sexbomb Linda on the blog but since I already posted the best two videos in this post I´m going with a video of Jessica Nigri who thankfully did a terrific Velma Dinkley cosplay.

Originally the video was for a Velma appreciation post that I still haven´t gotten around to. In fact, it was not even this video since the video I had originally bookmarked got deleted and I had to look for this one. I also had to make the animated GIF below myself ( which took like forever and I could have just used the video instead of going frame by frame but the quality on those GIFs is so low ), since the only ones I found are Jessica shaking her butt and I think the best part of the video involves her boobs.

Now I really didn´t expect that I would have to make the GIF myself. I mean with Yaya Han I´m already used to it although I don´t understand it.

Supposedly Yaya is all about the boobs and less about the cosplay - at least if you read what people write online and in the comment section of her videos on YouTube - but when you look at her and Jessica Nigri´s presence on the internet ( as Jessica Nigri is Yaya Han´s biggest rival as cosplay sexbomb ) you will notice that there are less GIFs of Yaya Han than there are of Jessica Nigri. And going even further there´re at least a dozen vids of Jessica Nigri´s breast cosplay moments while I still haven´t found a single one of this kind about Yaya. I´m not entirely sure what that means.

Speaking of comments, most of them are saying that it´s about time she does if not full on porn then at least nude videos. And while I agree - although for other reasons - I don´t think these comments will bear any fruit. From what I have experienced of Jessica she never lets others dictate what she does. And right now it seems she´s totally fine with going as far as she can go without doing nudity while driving all males crazy. She clearly knows what guys do while they watch her videos and she´s getting off on not giving you what you want. So when she really goes nude it will be at a time of her choosing and it will be glorious.

Now while I also think it´s high time that she did some nude pictures my reasoning is that now is the best time for her to do it. Too many celebs never grab the chance to do nude pictures when they are in good physical condition and their banging bodies are in their prime. Then, twenty ( or thirty ) years later their biological clock starts ticking, they want to prove that they still look good and do some pictures. Well, how are we supposed to come to a qualified decision ? We don´t know how she looked in the buff when she was young and sexy. So please Jessica, more for your own sake than for others, do some nude shots while you are still looking good.

Anyway, until she really decides to film something you could only watch in Germany after midnight check out JESSICA NIGRI GIFS and MiHO which has 17 Super Hot Jessica Nigri GIFs and here is Jessica Nigri as Velma Dinkley.

From cartoons and cosplay it´s back to comic books with Jerry Bingham who celebrates his 64th birthday. He has worked on such titles as House of Mystery, Secrets of Haunted House, The Warlord, Warp, Heavy Metal, Black Panther, Iron Man, Marvel Premiere, Marvel Team - Up and Marvel Two - In - One but he is best known for the Mike W. Barr penned graphic novel Batman : Son of the Demon which restored DC Comics to first place in sales after fifteen years and introduced the character of Damian Wayne.

I remember buying the expensive hardcover way back when it was first published since I had more disposable income to spend on comic books or graphic novels in those days. For more background information on the Head of the Demon GOYOMAN has the first meeting of Batman and Ra´s al Ghul from Batman 232 and according to Dan Greenfield on 13TH DIMENSION Ra´s al Ghul is The Greatest Role Christopher Lee Never Got To Play

While I don´t have enough material for a full post I still have to mention belgian cartoonist Peyo who was a big part of my life with his work on comic series like Steven Strong or Johan and Peewit but most notably with The Smurfs which were just about everywhere. I was a huge fan and one of the first things I learned to draw were the smurfs which was not the worst skill you could have in german schools around 1970. As I have often mentioned writing this blog has his own rewards because I stumble upon things I would not otherwise. So it is that I found out that there is a story for Natascha - the hot amalgamation of Brigitte Bardot and Marilyn Monroe in comic book form - he wrote for Walthéry who apparently was an apprentice of his which may be in my reading pile in the near future. I am buying the Natascha collections from Salleck Publications and the story is included in the next volume. Man, it really would have helped me in my later school days if I had been able to draw hot sexbombs like Walthéry.

Speaking of blonde sexbombs, Today´s music video is a call back to the first Janet Jackson birthday post last month in which I mentioned the german´s favorite Fräuleinwunder next door, the charismatic Linda Hesse who turned 30 on May the 22nd. She became quite successful in a short period of time thanks to her signature tight tight pants / t - shirt and suspenders look ( okay, and her banging physique ), her smile that can melt steel and her overall cheerful personality. She has stayed down to earth which you can´t say about most people who made it in Germany.

Usually I´m not a big Schlager fan but I´m making an exception for Linda.

I couldn´t find a clip of Linda´s sexy wardrobe malfunction on Carmen Nebel but here is her first appearance on swiss tv with a similar outfit.

From all the cartoon series Alex Toth worked on as a character designer I picked the one I was addicted to growing up. Sadly I could not find any complete episodes on YouTube but this has the best picture quality.

Tight pants continued : I swear, when I decided to add this episode of The Secrets of Isis I had no hidden agenda and only chose it because I wanted to include a longer video since I can do these posts less frequently. And Shazzan sounds like Shazam whom Alex Toth did draw on occasion. Or rather Captain Marvel and one of the super heroines from Fawcett was Isis. Like I said, that was my whole thought process and I don´t know if I have some special perv powers that sense a hot babe like a big white one does blood in the water but after watching the episode I have to say that Joanna Pang who plays Cindy Lee sure knows how to fill out those pants.

Sadly Joanna Pang´s character was replaced in season two by Rennie Carol played by Ronalda Douglas but Joanna Cameron who plays the title role is also very hot. Since I used the word Isis the secret service is reading this post right now so I want to use that attention to lecture all those social justice warriors that Isis was the first weekly, american, live - action television series with a female superhero character predating the debuts of both The Bionic Woman and Wonder Woman. So no matter how much fanfare they make about the new Wonder Woman movie, Isis did it first.

The series was an original Filmation creation and since Isis crossed over a few times with their Shazam ! series she was later included in DC´s comic series of the same name before getting her own tv - spin - off comic book.

Speaking of comic book history here is a different documentary since most comic afficionados are already tired of hearing about the evolution of the comic book medium in America. I hope this is interesting for those not familiar with the long tradition of four colored entertainment in Spain.

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I just followed the old superhero rule : " When in doubt, throw the sidekick ! "