Wednesday, April 18, 2018

This would work so much better on a Friday

I´m not kidding. If it was Friday I could just call it FANTASTIC FOUR FRIDAY FIGHT NIGHT but as it is I could not come up with a clever alliteration for either Wednesday or Mittwoch. So you have to bear with this title.

The reason why I´m even doing this post Today is that I am waiting until I can watch the newest episode of THE FLASH and since I already have all the stuff for this post prepared I thought I could at least post the main part. As the rest of the post can take a few days to finish. Now Today I got vol 9 of the MARVEL MASTERWORKS - FANTASTIC FOUR that I ordered from amazon´s new & used books section for half price and as it so often happens it was not in pristine condition. There was a special plastic dust jacket above the original dust jacket because somebody had cut into it and from the looks of it this was not new as advertised but rather used. The first two pages are also damaged and you can see that the book has been read a lot. Mind you, I´m not complaining. When you buy from the new & used books section it always is a game of chance and sometimes you win, sometimes you loose. Unless the book is in really bad condition or there are pages missing I don´t send them back. And while this copy had a lot of wear and tear all the pages are there and apart from the dust jacket - that I fixed with duct tape - it´s condition is good enough.

Aside from this book I ordered another vol of the MARVEL MASTERWORKS - FANTASTIC FOUR but the other one will not arrive until in two or three weeks. Now I got both at half price but I thought this one would be the one I´m not so excited about. It´s been a while since I read these stories - probably through my brothers ESSENTIAL phone books - and I didn´t remember anything about them. So I bought them mostly as collateral or to give them as a gift when I don´t have the time to buy one. Which I now can´t do because of it´s condition. Aynway, Today I read the whole thing in one sitting because I couldn´t put it down. I don´t know if I have mentioned that I am currently trying to make comics again because I have the feeling the support from the jobcenter is slowly running out. But as someone trying to get an idea for a comic this was like a masterclass on how to do it. There are so many problems you face when you are trying to put pencil to paper but here you see how Jack Kirby solves them all.

And let´s not forget Stan Lee´s writing. He often gets flack for taking credit for other people´s work or at least not giving enough credit where credit is due. But man, this guy can write. Anyway, the issues in volume 9 from MARVEL MASTERWORKS - FANTASTIC FOUR are number 82 to 93 and I was so hyped after reading them that I needed to put this fantastic art on the blog ASAP and not wait until the next anniversary of Jack Kirby´s birthday which seems to be the only time when I get to do these posts.

oy, gevalt


and five of the original art pieces I used in the blog are from Dan Greenfield´s review of the Jack Kirby´s Fantastic Four Artist´s Edition ( which I will only be able to afford if I win the lottery ) on 13TH DIMENSION and

and there are also The Top 13 Star Wars Variant Covers and

and The 13 Greatest Horror Comics Ever and

and KLEEFELD ON COMICS has a few cover homages to Fantastic Four 82 and

and the PENCIL INK blog where you can find the cover and one page of interior art from

and Fantastic Four 83 and

and Fantastic Four 86 and

and Fantastic Four 93 and

and X - Men 112 and

and X - Men 114 and

and X - Men 115 and

and Marvel Spotlight 6 which features the Ghost Rider by Mike Ploog and

and something that is only loosely connected to this post ( to Fantastic Four 91 to be eaxact ) is Dr. Glen Downey´s article Everything I Know I Learned From Comics on SEQUART and it is reassuring to know that I wasn´t the only boy who read those Trixie Belden books and


Chloe Bennet 26

pop star

perfect woman

Conan O´Brien 55

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Monday, April 16, 2018

Midnight Madness Monday with Tom Sutton

As I predicted it took me some time to collect all the necessary material for this post although not nearly as long as I had originally anticipated.

What also didn´t go as planned is that instead of doing a post about just one series Tom Sutton worked on this one has material from a variety of comic books and comic companies. Because after completing my research I have enough good pictures that this post is if not better than at least as good as last year´s post I did on Tom Sutton. Some of this art was not easy to come by ( no pun intended ) like the stuff he did under the pseudonym Dementia for Fantagraphics Eros Comix imprint ( are they still around ? ) which was either of low quality or not safe for work. Now I thought about dating this post back so it would go between the Sarah Louise Young post and the Yaya Han post but that is just too complicated. Also I´d have to change the title and since it would not be at the top of the blog readers might miss it. And I´ve put too much work into it. Anyway, here is this year´s selection of Tom Sutton art, I hope you enjoy it and there are plenty of comics out there if this spurs the need to seek out his work.

Because I had most of the material in this post prepared in advance there are not that many links but as always thanks and kudos go out to all the usual websites where you can find original art like COMIC ART FANS and HERITAGE AUCTIONS. I also have to thank the original poster of the cover from All New Haunted 20, Pete Doree at THE BRONZE AGE OF BLOGS where you can not only read the full issue but also The Hellfire Club from issue 61 of All New The Many Ghosts Of Doctor Graves. And speaking of doctors, there is some great Tom Sutton art from his all too short run on Doctor Strange with writer Roger Stern on MAGAZINES AND MONSTERS and you can also find a lot of posts about Ernie Chan there . A few months ago I had the good fortune to find vols 7 and 8 of the MARVEL MASTERWORKS with Doctor Strange on for half price and I can only give the utmost recommendation for these. I know that a lot of people say that Doctor Strange never managed to obtain an ongoing series for a long period of time but even if that were true he still had some stellar artists.

From Steve Ditko to Gene Colan, Frank Brunner, Marshall Rogers, P. Craig Russell, Butch Guice etc. While volume 7 has most of Tom Suttons work for Doctor Strange with the What If ? issue in volume 8 both volumes contain some issues penciled by other great artists like Jim Starlin or Gene Colan.

Today there are also not a lot of celebrity birthdays for which I have a video except for Robi, personal friend and mentor as well as the hardest working man in german comics who turns 58. Longtime readers of the blog know that I have been pimping his series Horst, Alraune or Luna forever not only because of the personal connection but because they are the best german comics you can find. But even before I knew him as a comic creator I watched him every week on the RTL cult show Catch Up ! which was problematic because at that time I was doing my military service and unlike Tutti Frutti which was on Sunday Catch Up ! was on late at night on Monday. Which meant that if I watched it I did not get much sleep and Tuesday the morning drill was very hard. I still watched it every time.

Our next video is also tied to a birthday although Eric Roberts´ 62nd anniversary will be in two days. But a few days ago I found Ambulance which is one of my favorite movies with him and I think it fits the feel of the post just perfect. Besides James Earl Jones the movie also stars the wonderful Janine Turner with whom we all fell in love with as sassy and sexy pilot Maggie O´Connel on Northern Exposure. She plays Cheryl which makes it understandable that Eric Roberts spends half the movie looking for her. The film is also interesting for comic fans since Stan Lee has his very first movie role in it playing himself. Eric Roberts is a comic artist and you see the Marvel Comics offices with a lot of iconic artwork everywhere even if I´m not so sure about the Doctor Strong character. According to imdb we also get to see Gene Colan, Larry Hama and Jim Salicrup here.

Another lucky find is Señorita Cometa, a series I was not familiar with so I had to do some research here. It´s based on the manga Cosmic Baton Girl Kometto - san and was produced from 1967 to 1968. The show was also translated to spanish and aired in Venezuela, Costa Rica, Panama and Mexico. It was extremely popular in Mexico - even more than in its native country Japan - where it was on tv uninterrupted from 1975 to 1985. For many mexicans these were the first images of japanese anime they saw.

Since Señorita Cometa only has a bit of animation at the beginning I wanted to add another cartoon related video and even though there is some music in our last video I chose adding the best of both worlds.

As it couldn´t be any other way we end the post with Not A Creature Was Stirring, a Don McGregor penned story from Creepy magazine issue 59.

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